Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Only One Saturday this week, and I mostly wasted it

Woke up several times between 4 and 8. Had the tablet out reading and shopping 8 till 10, Spot was lying on the bed against me for most of that. Spook was under the linen rack for some of that.

The only plan was a massage, and bake up some chicken thighs and turkey legs.

Watched the women's US Open tennis final on Tivo. It was a mess. Naomi Osaka won in straight sets, but in the second set the ref caught Serena's coach sending signals from the stands, which apparently is illegal, and Serena took that as accusing her of cheating, which she wasn't, and she yelled at the ref, he penalized her, she broke her racket, which is also illegal, and the ref docked her one match. What the commentators did not notice is Naomi lost the rest of the match on purpose - she returned serves but let Serena score. I'm guessing Naomi did not want to get docked for overtly standing aside, "intentional walk" style. IMHO Naomi earned the win, beat Serena handily, and did not deserve all the drama.  The US Open needs to fix itself. Or be fixed by some higher authority, if there is one.  

Watched some college football, then went to the massage place. Did not get my favorite person, but the woman I got was cuter and almost as good. 9 out of 10. She didn't do the face massage which my favorite ends with.

On the way home stopped at the new Santa Clara Psycho Donuts and got two "monkey paw" fritters and a pair of Boston Scream Pie donuts. The new place is much bigger than the one they got tossed out of in 3-below cinema. Cleaner too. And a bigger selection of donuts and drinks. There's a small counter with stools but it's mostly a to-go place. It's in the new-ish shopping center with a Target & Sprouts and a lot of decent restaurants. Before they built the Target I used to go there for lunch a lot - China Stix & Baskin Robbins.

Home, delivered was the VHS tape of Star Wars, but by the time they got it on tape, 1984 (for a 1976 movie), they had already renamed it episode 4, changed the gold on black crawl, and added a trailer for episodes 5 & 6. I'm not sure about James Earl Jones, but Vader's voice is not that trademark deep one which CNN paid handsomely for.

So I still don't know for sure if those changes are real or my extrapolation. They do start the tape with "In a galaxy far far away" but it's blue on black, captured from a CRT screen. Poorly.

I was in southern Thailand at the time, I have no first hand knowledge. :-(

Snacked on a tangelo. Watched the UW-NorthDakota game. NoDak played far better than the 48-3 score indicated. There is one running back on their team who is NFL bound. Santiago.

Watched the final Below Deck Mediterranean, which went from a friendly dinner with the captain to a total melt-down after she left. There also was a teaser for the return of the original Below Deck, except it's moved to somewhere less of a hurricane magnet, and there's a hint that a crew member falls overboard and dies. Just a hint.

Also watched another Match Game. The questions are getting less intuitive and the contestants have been coming up with horrible matchless answers.

Put two turkey drumsticks and two chicken thighs in a glass pan with garlic, fresh basil and onion slices into the oven at 375 for 90 minutes covered in foil. Turned them over uncovered for another half hour. One turkey drummer was dinner, plus a pair of popsicles. The rest is bagged and in the freezer.

Since I have been home most of the day, Spook has been back in her old haunts a lot (I protect her). She even ate some turkey I threw her way. And in the kitchen she begged for and got treats, but I had to block Spot from them and give him his own. Nice to see them almost side by side eating treats.

But there are still a lot of rude noises from Spook, and fighting. Spot is getting tagged a lot more often lately.

While I was watching TV, and Spook was on the cat tree by the porch, Spot found his spot:

He has been throwing toys onto the rug.

Have had a low grade headache all evening.

Plans for tomorrow:
BB&B, soda stream cartridge exchange, maybe. The big cartridge I bought doesn't fit in the stream machine I have. It ought to, but they built a small opening in the bottom (it loads from the bottom) and there's no way to widen it. I may buy a machine which can use the big one, though. If BB&B has them. Hard to tell on the web page because all of them are sold with a small cartridge even if they can take the big one.

Coffee @ 5 with Janice in MV, up the road from BB&B
Take out the garbage
Watch football

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