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I know I told Google's alarm to shut up at 8 am. After that I don't know what I did till I ate the other Psycho Donuts fritter, sometime around 11. It did not spoil my appetite for lunch, which was a reheated half a smoked turkey drumstick with some rice. Mango popsicles for dessert.

Watched some football until it was clear the 49ers were making far too many mistakes to win. There were two episodes of My Cat From Hell to catch up on. The cat whisperer, Jackson Galaxy, has me conflicted. He looks like a total freak with huge ear lobe inserts, a finely crafted beard/goatee thing on his face which must take hours a day to maintain, and he uses a guitar case as his attaché case. And he often dresses in a purple satin vest.

He does do a lot of great counseling of the "guardians" of the problem cats, but he doesn't do much of the work himself. Most of the time the answer is to play with the cats to exhaustion and then feed them. He's big on the idea that they want to hunt, and play with the usual toys fulfills that need. I'd be tempted to invite him to work with Spot & Spook, except I know I cannot devote the time he would require, or the discipline. And Spook is slowly coming out of hiding. I may even take the plastic off the sofa. Except I saw her exploring up there the other day and she ran away when I approached her.

3 pm, off to BB&B, which has a massive SodaStream display, but missing from it was any indication of which machines could use the big cannister. And prices were missing from some of them. Customer service at the MV store is a joke - it's set up to be two cashiers, and the line is long.  Stupid, because they have 5 cashier aisles, and only one was open.

So I left empty-handed.

In time to get to Starbucks a mile or so up the road and meet Janice, who is back from Tahoe and her bridge outing, and she is doing better.

Went next door to Safeway and bought fruit and frozen lunches.

Home, had to shoo Spot away from the door, he wants out so badly. More of a challenge on Sunday evenings, because there is garbage & recycles to move from inside to outside, and the carport door doesn't latch anymore. I would try to fix it, but it takes two people.

For dinner I reheated one of the chicken thighs and some green peas. FFed through the men's US Open finals, and was disappointed that the Joker won. Argentine challenger gave him a fight, though.

Also watched some sports roundup and To Tell The Truth. One set of contestants were very elderly women who claimed to be the longest-working Rosie The Riveter. A couple of the panel misunderstood and thought the deal was one of them was the model for the famous poster, which was not the case. The 96-year-old woman who turned out to be the real riveter looked and sounded more like 70, and said she would still be working today but she was laid off.

Fired up the laser toy, Spook chased the dot a bit but backed off when Spot started chasing it.

Ran the Roomba 3 times during the day, have not run it in a month. It got stuck in the same place the first two times, even though I started it off in different rooms.

Plans for tomorrow:
Boss is scheduled to be back
2 pm leave for dental appointment
Try for a manicure appointment

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