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Turds Day Did not live up to its name

The only turdish thing that happened was I woke up feeling miserable for no apparent reason, thinking I ought to work from home this morning. Turned out to be low blood sugar, which was fixed by a glass of apple juice.

Semi-turdishness happened at work when I installed the new release of our LivingRoom product, which puts the program guide up on the TV screen (via a set-top box). They made two fatal errors in the installation docs, and even after I worked around those, there is no channel guide on the screen. I'll have the owner of the product take a look if it has not cleared up by tomorrow (sometimes it takes a while to download the channel guide after an install).

The weather was glorious today, so I rode the bike out on the Bay Trail, about 5 miles, then stopped off at Togo's for lunch. Sat down in front of the big screen TV just in time to see Sweden score the goal which won their game with Paraguay.

May ride the bike all the way home tonight, or may pick up light rail at Moffett Park instead of Borregas. That will add maybe half a mile to my trip. Maybe less.

No plans for tonight. Maybe I'll go and buck some stars.

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