January 30th, 2009


Angels in My Brain

Driving home from work last night, listening to the radio (HD2 channel dedicated to oldies) You Are My Special Angel starts playing, I am singing along, and I know all the words. I have not heard this song in maybe 20 years, and learned it maybe 40 years ago.

I can't remember why I went into the kitchen, or what button it was I was going to push on the remote, but I can remember a dumb song from my childhood.

The human brain is not a precision instrument.
After the song was over, I started thinking about Conflikt, and how I have not written anything for it. And how maybe You Are My Special Angle might be a good spoof. It seemed right at the time, but now it strikes me as obtuse.
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Stupid "Economist"

Heard the stupidest quote from an alleged economist on the radio this morning. This clown said that it was a good thing Exxon posted record high profits for the second year in a row** because "at least there's one American company making a profit".

What bozo doesn't understand is Exxon is taking money out of the economy at record rates, and hoarding it in their own gynormous corporate bank account. Almost every company in America has been drained to make Exxon rich - higher gas prices --> higher shipping and heating prices --> less profit for all non-oil-producing companies.

Add to this the fact that Exxon's stock price has been basically steady since 2007, and they pay one of the lowest dividends on the NYSE (2% per year), and you get one disgustingly greedy company.

**That's not just record high for Exxon, but also record high for every publicly traded company in the world.
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Public Post

The only things I routinely post in public are politics, reviews and pet peeves. Everything else is Friends-locked.

Almost all of the people on my Friends list are folks I have met in person. The rest are people who either have been sent my way by folks I have met in person, or people whose LJ I have found by following them home from comments they made on a friend's pages.

Post here if you want to be added to my friend's list. Be sure to include the connection which brought you here.