March 4th, 2009


Sir Teddy

Teddy Kennedy is being knighted.
And there is a lot more back-story to this than you will probably get from our modern alleged newscritters.

Here's the deal:

Teddy's dad, Joe Sr., was vehemently pro-Irish and anti-British. As most of you know, the Irish are the butt of a lot of British humor, and Joe did not like this one little bit. He had some major revenge, though, when his massive campaign contributions greased the way for his appointment in 1938 by Roosevelt as ambassador to Britain. He lost that post over some controversial remarks. His anti-British sentiments probably were not eased when his eldest son, Joe Jr., was killed piloting an experimental "flying bomb" on a Navy mission over England during WWII.

I wonder what Joe Sr. would have thought of his son being made a Knight of the British Empire. I suspect he would have refused the honour, had it been offered to him. Benighted...
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