May 14th, 2009



After work I went to see the new Star Trek in IMAX. Well worth the extra $4 for the huge screen and comfy seats. For those who are not familiar with the original series, the film does stand on its own, but you get 500% more out of it if you have seen at least a handful of the original episodes.

I liked everything about this film except the music. It did not help that the theater had the audio cranked way too high (starting with the trailers), but that only made a horrible score worse. Especially toward the end when the composer goes all celestial choir on your ass. Oppressive, tuneless crap. Thank goodness much of the movie is set on the bridge of the Enterprise, where they don't play music.

They did something which totally broke from the original that I actually liked - everyone on the bridge is a child genius. And one thing I did not like - officers kissing in public. Totally wrong. But also totally hot.

Leonard Nimoy is wonderful, and I noticed the cinematography on his scenes, especially the close-ups, was better than the rest of the movie. It would have been fun to also have Shatner, and would have worked just fine within the plot line of the film.

The movie is about 2 hours long, I did not look at my watch once - riveting in places, held my interest throughout.