August 19th, 2009


Burning Ambition

Since tomorrow (8/20) is the final day to download, I've grabbed the RC ISOs for Windows 7 x32 and x64 and burned them onto DVDs. Not sure if I will use them or not. Full release is something like a year away, probably more. Best Buy is advertising October 2010. My 64-bit laptop only has enough RAM to run the 32-bit version, and is not upgradeable.

Spent the morning on litterbox maintenance. The clumping litter I'd been using wasn't working so yesterday I bought some specially designed for mechanical litterboxes, which meant emptying out the two litterboxes completely and re-filling them. Way too much fun.

Been pondering how to spend the afternoon. Wicked at 8 pm in the city. Looking at the CalTrain schedule, there are trains from SF at 10:40 and midnight, so I think I'll go that way. Much easier than driving. I think I'll leave after lunch, which I suppose I ought to be making right now.