August 28th, 2009


Fun With Phone-ics

Just as i was getting tired of hauling around a bulky extended battery in my otherwise compact G1 Google phone, they came out with a much slimmer model called the MyTouch (eeeeeeewwwwww!) which removes the bulky slide-out mechanical keyboard and replaces it with a mostly usable touchscreen one, and a slightly bigger battery --> smaller phone, longer battery life.

So I bought one.

It cost twice as much as it should have, and I had to re-download all my apps, but there's only one which isn't free and I have a link to re-download it.

Almost worth it, I think. Faster, better touchscreen response, much better audio for the music app and it comes with very nice earbuds, a cool compact travel charger and a very classy carrying case.
Amusing band practice tonight, we ran through Sunday's concert pieces, a couple of which were skipped because the group has done them a lot before. I haven't, but most of the group has. We have one march which has such a fast-moving baritone part that my fingers cannot move that quickly. Lots of 16th notes (eighth notes in cut time, same diff) which jump between all the possible valve combinations in no particular order, which is what can happen when the music is in two sharps and almost every phrase modulates by a third or a fifth or a ninth.

The band sounds good, and if you enjoy marches and Tin Pan Alley and musicals, you'll enjoy the concert. 1:30 Sunday afternoon at Shoup Park in Los Altos. Lots of parking uphill from the park along Lincoln. Bring a lawn chair and sunblock, they sell water and maybe hot dogs, but bring your own food if you want. More details here, and a map of the park area is here: Clicky