September 2nd, 2009


Micro-review x 2

Tonight's entertainment was the last remake of War of the Worlds, which I ejected from the player after about 35 minutes which seemed like 6 hours. Total fail. The script kept the tripods and threw out everything else. Poor cinematography, cheesy special effects, directing so poor that Dakota Fanning comes across as less talented than Tom Cruise. Iffy score, uneven audio, let's not even talk about the dialog. If it wasn't from Netflix, I'd have shredded the disc, though it is not worth wasting landfill space on.

Since I had some extra time, I popped in Slumdog Millionaire. An above-average indie film, but no way did this deserve to be a Best Picture nominee, let alone winner. In fact, I don't think it was Oscar quality in any category except one it did not get nominated for - Makeup. And maybe Anil Kapoor as the smarmy TV host Prem could have been nominated for best supporting actor. Maybe. It was not well written, and I think its screenplay nomination was a sop to the fact that there is no "best story" award. The multiple stories which make up the explanations for how he knew the answers deserved some sort of special award, but not for screenwriting.
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My Boring Life, part 90

This morning I did some chores, dosed the cats, went to the vet to get more flea stuff, but they were out. Picked up a new set of bettas and live plants for the small tank, forgot to buy more of Pumpkin's favorite treats. Off to the bookstore, picked up six book, including a couple by jaylake, a pair by Sherri S. Tepper, one Pern novel I'd somehow missed and a Terry Pratchett.

Stopped in at the bakery for some Ha Gow to go, home, munched on that and then went to Janice's to go to dinner in Palo Alto with her and one of her more regular SOs.

They just got back from Fiji, I'm downloading video right now from the camcorder I'd loaned her. We'll edit it Friday.

No plans for tomorrow.

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