September 28th, 2009


A Word About Fealty

Shakespeare, who lived around the times SCA tends to focus, wrote a lot of plays which discussed the issue of fealty. On the whole, he seemed to champion the concept of fealty to the person who wears the crown, and not to the crown itself. Many of his tragedies are about what happens when good people take the opposite path, placing duty to the crown above all, regardless of who is wearing the crown. I give you Richard III, Hamlet, Henry VI part 3 for starters.
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Moving Right Along

Phone interview went well, they want me to come in tomorrow to meet the local team. Time TBA.

D300 arrived back from repair, they not only fixed what I reported, they fixed two things I'd forgotten all about. Now I can put it on eBay with a clear conscience.

Solmeta's cable for the D90 was in the same shipment, and it is way better than the one I lost at Yosemite. Shorter, connectors are more snug. The one which came with the GPS unit was actually for an older Nikon model. They also sent the strap clamp so I don't have to mount it on the hot shoe.