October 16th, 2009



Yetserday work was wall to wall meetings, today will mostly be reading all the docs harvested from those meeetings. It sounds worse than it is:
- Started the morning taking a 7-minute drive from my office to the place where I'll be helping build a lab. Met a very valuable member of my group (S) who is one of the field experts for the project.
- Back to the office for a TOI (transfer of information aka brain dump) from H, one of the original testers
- Drove 6 minutes to security to get my badge
- Quick break to take a package to the PO
- Back to the office to meet with S and U (U is my team mentor) about planning the lab
- S left, H joined us to continue the TOI
- H left, S returned and N, the project lead, joined us to answer U & S's questions from our earlier meeting
And that took us up to after 5 pm
- Back to my desk to answer a message from the contract agency & organize my email

Still installing apps after the clean install of Vista-64. Nero is taking a long time. Now that I have a badge, I don't need to get to work by 8:30 for the admin to let me in, so I can do a litle more this morning than the last few days.

Had a network glitch last night, Comcast lost DNS connectivity, none browsers could not find web sites. Had to reboot the cable modem.


Prompted by two pieces of spam
Chemistry is important in any relationship. Which chemicals would best describe your current relationship?

1. H2SO4

2. C6H12O6

3. H2O

4. H2O2

5. NH3


7. NaCl

8. C8H10N4O2

9. C7H8N4O2

10. C17H18F3NO
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