November 1st, 2009

Weird Load

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I'm trying to show someone how to change their settings in an application, but what I type on the keyboard isn't what shows up on the screen. Both of us try to enter a new user name, but it comes out looking like U3$dmjkl; or some such when we are trying to type "John". I wake up while we are still trying.
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Too Cute

Originally uploaded by how3ird.

Incredibly cute kids from the local Thai dance school performed a long routine of traditional NE Thai dances way better than anyone that age should be expected to do. This was day 2 of the Loi Krathong festivities at the Thai Buddhist temple in Fremont.

BKK Gargoyle


After driving all the way to the Thai Temple on the other side of the Bay, there was no parking to be had. Both temple parking lots plus an auxiliary one at a strip mall down the block were full, so I found a safe place to pull over and decided that rather than just go home I'll punch up local attractions on my GPS. Found something very close by called Quarry Lake Regional Park, which looked promising. As I made the first turn off the main road, there was a sign which said "Temple Parking" and two more signs later I was at the park entrance, right behind the shuttle bus which had been advertised on the temple's web site**. It cost $5 to park, but it was worth it.

**the web site did not say where the shuttle pickup spot was.
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