November 7th, 2009


Great Pumpkin

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One of the larger rockets launched Saturday at the LUNAR club's site way out in the middle of nowhere - a huge cow pasture half-way between Stockton and Angel's Camp just off Hwy 4. More photos at my Flickr site.


Burn and Crash

Got a good series of pix of a model rocket exploding as it cleared the launch pad at today's event out at Snow Ranch.  There were only two launches out of about 100 which did anything like that, though there were a lot of no-launches due to some intermittent electrical connections and the usual igniter malfunctions.

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Head Bang

Overheard LOL

Had dinner out tonight, grade-school aged boy is at the next table, his mother complains about the ice water glass being all wet on the outside. "Don't worry, mom", he says, "it's only condescension".

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