Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Need an Attitude Transplant

Boss returned, and she has had more than a month to ponder her plans of building an empire. And she backed bozo in his stupidities. So I'm running a piece of crap test suite on a piece of crap TV set. Crap.
Worked through lunch time, headed for the dentist at 2, was back at work by 3:30. Got most of the way through the tests, will finish tomorrow. One I need to run again, an audio test toward the beginning of the list. After it was done, I still heard the tones, could not tell where they were coming from. Could be my imagination. Could have been the air conditioning. Kept playing after I switched off the AV receiver. And the TV. Maybe.

Dentist said my teeth are fine. Polishing went quickly, then she applied fluoride gel/paste which cost another $30. That was after I'd paid a $10 co-pay at the door. No x-rays, so we avoided the pacemaker issue.

I should look for a dentist closer to home - chose this one because it was close to where I worked at the time. And for nostalgia - it's in a strip mall which has a bar owned by a long ago HP co-worker/scuba trip partner.
Went for a manicure, there was no problem making an appointment, and she took me 15 minutes early - I was parked listening to the radio and she found me. Sitting next to me in the salon was Hanna, a stunning refugee from SoCal, blonde, blue eyed. What's it mean when the wedding ring is on the other hand? Simple gold band. She works in Google HR, been there 2 months. I gave her my card.
Home, nothing delivered, but in the park slot was an announcement for Friday movie night, a movie I would run screaming from. And sign-up for an Italian dinner for $10, pasta & meatballs I think. Not worth it.

The Raiders are losing to that new LA team as I write this. Marshawn did his Beast Mode thing on the first drive, it was very impressive.

Dinner was melted cheese on rye. Mint chip ice cream for dessert but only half a serving, plus a couple of sugar free popsicles.

Also watched PTI.

Spook came out to be petted a couple of times but ran under cover when Spot appeared.

Last night was punctuated by Spot barfing about 10 lbs of kibble next to my bed. The morning started with me stepping on it in the dark and tracking it into the bathroom. 6 am-ish. 7:30, real wake-up, lights on, used the hand held shower head to spray off the bottoms of my Birks, and then hauled out the vacuum and slurped up the stuff on the floor. Hoover does a good job.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Try not to implode
Movie? Home?

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