Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Movie Night

Up early, out early, AG called just as I was getting out the door. He wanted to talk about 9/11 so I let him, couldn't seem to change the subject.

Traffic was bad until we passed the accident, then it was full speed ahead the rest of the way. Could have plugged in the car, but it was only down about 1/3, plenty of juice to get home on.

Plowed through the rest of the required tests, found one bug, but it was a bug in the test not in the TV being tested. Boss added a nastygram to my bug report suggesting the test should not be there at all.

My final email said "ship it".

Lunch was Safeway beef & broccoli & potato chunks, there were no good alternatives in the fridge.

Watched a couple of storm chasers on Twitch, one in NC whose feed went down hard in the middle of a storm. The hurricane isn't even close to them yet. Moved to a chaser who streams every afternoon on his way home from work, clear blue skies wherever he is.

Played some Mahjong.

Still reading The Fifth Season at lunch and before bed. It's awkward in many spots, and she's going out of her way to include just short of graphic sex. I don't think she knew what a 3-some does when she wrote that scene. It's clear that at heart she is a hetero monogamist. And it's still as much mythology-fi as it is sci-fi.

Just before EOD NP asked me to run the automated tests on the TV, her TV was being unkind.

Stayed late reading, because showtime was 7:40 and the theater is only 3 minutes away. Got there an hour early, had the theater to myself for the first 20 minutes. Reserved seating tends to do that.

Searching is a movie about a widower whose daughter goes missing. She left her laptop behind, and they show how easy it is to crack the social media accounts if you have their computer, except it isn't. It is a very powerful movie in places, but Dad is over the top here and there. It's set locally, the local ABC affiliate allowed their web site and news set to be used. They also use Google Maps, and some of the action allegedly takes place by a lake off Hwy 152. I'm pretty sure that lake doesn't exist, and I know 152 isn't as close to  Silicon Valley as they say it is in the movie.

Bottom line, this flick will be best viewed on a Mac using your favorite streaming media app when it's released to that market. Seeing it on the big screen is a waste.

Home, Spook meowed at me from the kitchen window. Good to see her there. Nothing delivered, in the mail was only junk and my mortgage statement. My paper plates are overdue.

Dinner was 4 White Castle cheeseburger sliders and the rest of the mint chip ice cream.

Watched PTI, and half of Bachelors in Paradise. In the latter, a new guy comes on site who would be a great match for The Witch, but he is single because he cheated on his date during a previous show, and two of the women pull the Witch aside to warn her, and she was confronting him when it was time for me to pack it in for the night.

Plans for tomorrow:
See how the automated tests went. I may need to re-run the failed ones.

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