January 9th, 2010



Some script kiddie spoofed Facebook's chat widget to impersonate me, and hit up several people on my friends list there with the old "I'm in London, I was mugged, send cash" scam. I got this news at about 9 this morning when one of my NYC cousins called to tell me he had an interesting conversation on chat with someone using my account who was obviously not me, and whose IQ was losing the battle to rise higher than his shoe size.

So I went into FB, change my password and flipped a few privacy buttons, set my chat status to offline, and poked around a bit. It was clear that only chat had been hacked, everything else was working.

Except my cousin was no longer on my friends' list.

And a Facebook search didn't show his name.

So I called him back, and he said that a Facebook search didn't show him my name either. I chalked it up to FB database snafu. Several hours later, said cousin sent FB a hacked account alert on my account, at which point FB disabled the account, sent a totally useless FAQ link (4 times to my login address and 3 times to my backup address), with a request to reply with the answer to my challenge question, which I did. But the account is still zapped. So I've sent them email explaining the situation, and asking them to re-instate it.

I'm not too invested in FB, except it's where I keep in touch with my theater peeps. About 150 of them. Inconvenient, but not devastating. And I'm not about to raise a big fuss over a free service.

Watched the playoff games, and was surprised at how poorly the guys in green played. No surprises other than that.

Re-imaged my Gateway laptop back to its original configuration, spent the afternoon running updates - the laptop was new in 2005, so there were a few. Will ship it off tomorrow to Mom, who was planning to share Dad's PC, but discovered she can't reach it in her wheelchair.

Had my nails done this morning, the spa was still playing Xmas music! I complained to the management, but to no avail.

Called my sister. By the time we were done talking it was too late to go out and do the laundry. Tomorrow, then.