January 24th, 2010


Betta testing

Testostering, more accurately. For the past 2+ months my male betta has been building bubble nests, but the female is still alive and doesn't look any more battered than usual for a sole female sharing a 5 gallon tank with a healthy male. And I hadn't seen them mate, and had not seen any actual eggs. But the other night something caught my eye so I got down on the carpet to be eye level with the tank, and spotted two babies. One of them significantly larger than the other, which means there were at least two sets of hatchings. And I see there are more eggs on the fringes of the tank, so maybe more babies coming. There are a lot of plants, both live and plastic, for babies to hide in. Anyhow, nice surprise.

Not much to say

After breakfast, headed to Sunol and got there about 90 minutes early thanks to just leaving early and misunderstanding the event announcement. A little after noon people started gathering, chatting,  it started to rain, the train arrived and we all got on it, a whole train to ourselves, not just the usual party caboose. About 50 of us, the train holds 250. Good company, the party was for a theater buddy, good food and a pleasant ride through Niles Canyon even if it was a bit wet here and there.

Back home in time to hear the Jets lost, and catch the start of the Saints-Vikings game. Ducked out for a couple of hours to have coffee with a friend, got back in time to see Favre blow the game and the wrong team win, helped by several blatantly wrong pass interference calls and  the travesty that is Sudden Death. IMHO playoff games need to play a full quarter of OT, they are too important to let a coin toss decide them.

Caught up on my TiVo. This week's Mentalist was, I think, the most poorly written episode so far.

Rearranged some of the plants in the betta tank to provide max protection for the babies and max clearance for the bubble nest.

50-50 chance of BASFA