January 29th, 2010


EZ Day So Far

Sitting in SJC an hour before boarding time, 4 hours of battery time. Took a slightly slower, incredibly safer route to 237 this morning, may make that a habit, except I hit every red light there was, all 57 of them. Cats & fish have food & water for 2 weeks. I'll hopefully only be gone the weekend.

Work was quiet, did a lot of repetitive entering cases in Rally, the world's most inane and inefficient tracking software. 100+ test cases needed to be marked "blocked" due to missing hardware, but the stoopid tracking system doesn't have a batch routine for that. Four screens and six entries required for each case. Blech.

Long team meeting this morning over Webex, our automation engineer, who has been ill and working from home ever since he took us to dinner at an Italian Organic restaurant a week ago Thursday, showed us his test software, which showed an enormous amount of work.

Went to the lab & chatted with a couple of people to find out the status of my being able to work there sometime soon, then lunch. After lunch worked with one of the team to get him set up with IP camera software and a way to figure out the address of the camera. And then it was time to head for SJC.

I'd forgotten to input into the GPS the parking lot I use, and it didn't have it, so I had to fake it. Found it okay, but next time I won't take the freeway at rush hour. :-(
Took a while before the van showed up, the driver thought it was someone else's turn to drive, but it wasn't. One of the reasons I arrive way early. TSA was only running one lane, pretty dumb for a Friday afternoon, so that took longer than it should have, but only by maybe 10 minutes.

Had an interesting call from a newbie recruiter. It was for a job I already had been contacted about three times already, but she had some questions about the jargon for IP video, and was puzzled why there were separate listings for a QA test engineer and a QA automation engineer. I gave her a bit of a mini-tutorial, because who knows - maybe in the future she'll be the one who finds me a job.

And in other news my lame-o contract agency confirmed that they owed me 48 hours of pay which should have been in my bank on the 20th. They're mailing me a check. I'll probably see it Tuesday.

Boarding at about 6:10, in SEA about 9, Avis, Holiday Inn, CONFLIKT!!!!
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