February 4th, 2010


I Can HazTeef

Finally have my dentures, after way too long and too much $$ thrown away on my now-ex-dentist. The denture clinic did in 2 weeks what the dentist failed to do in 3 months. Clue 1 for ex-dentist: it helps to be open more than 4 days a week and Clue 2: it helps if they are the same 4 days. Clue 3: In the battle between pretty and functional, in dentistry functional must win.

In at 8:55, out at 9:15. At work by 9:30.

Just when I thought the lab could not get less functional, the video feeds were shut off. I was at a point in testing where nothing could be done without video+audio. Video was restored by EOD, but not audio. Made it hard to test the remote controlled volume adjustment part of our software. Long lunchtime online meeting about full-system testing. It did more to demonstrate the user-unfriendliness of our QA tracking software than anything else. There were maybe two valuable suggestions in 2 hours.

Helped out in the lab a little, mostly being a warm body with working arms to help rack things. Our lab admin didn't make an appearance, I suspect he was at a job interview. I don't think he'll find anything any time soon, though because he doesn't listen. Not a good trait to bring to an interview. But who knows, maybe he was sick or taking a mental health day.

It started raining just in time to make my commute home a total mess, so I'm at the Starbucks nearest work, waiting it out again. Won't have that problem next week, as I won't be commuting. Probably won't have it the week after, because the Netflix commute home is opposite the main flow of traffic.

A lot of people on Facebook have been announcing they have joined a group against re-naming Mt. Diablo to Mt. Ronald Reagan. I'm all for it - it's simply changing the name from the Spanish to its English equivalent.

The Woz is reporting a bug in the Prius firmware which causes rapid acceleration under certain conditions with cruise control. For those of you who joined this party late, The Woz was one of the first Prius owners to get a speeding ticket - for >100 mph. Coincidence? You decide.

Plans for tomorrow:
Kaiser, fasting blood test
Work from the nearest internet access
11 am urology appt.
Work, final 1-on-1 with manager. Wrap things up, take home the last of  my personal items (already took the ones I won't need for work), hand in my badge.
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