February 9th, 2010


woke up this morning

Thinking of writing a blues filk. Not really, just that the John Prine song which starts with the subject line is not at all appropriate for the present situation. Was playing in chat rooms in bed on the netbook, decided the continental breakfast at the motel was not enough, so looked for a Denny's on the GPS, and was almost there when I remembered it had been closed 2 years ago. I didn't fell like going to the ones near the airport, so returned to the area near the motel, parked at the Starbucks and am at a tiny table between two very different real estate conversations. The people on the right are talking about commercial development opportunities in Seattle, mostly supermarkets, mostly supermarkets which have hit hard times thanks the Whole Wallet opening a megastore nearby. On the left is a man shopping for a house, a Woman of  Certain Age is showing him the current book of properties. But very interesting conversations because I have no vested interest. No real interest? Bad pun.

Walked in here behind a bevy of eye candy, the most attractive to me unfortunately took her order to go. early 40's, Jane Fonda figure, high heeled boots, dressy version of safari blouse & pants.

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Prius poll

I wanted to buy a Prius when they first came out, but bought a Corolla instead because:
- Their freeway mileage stats are comparable (Prius is more efficient in stop-and-go & local commute)
- Even at $5 a gallon it would take 17 years for the price difference to be paid off, assuming 55mpg for Prius and 30mpg for Corolla
- Rear sight lines on the Prius are very limited, making driving less safe
- GPS location takes eyes off the road

I love the look, it has more zip than the Corolla, the controls seem easier once you get used to them, and they pollute less.

The software glitches alarming, but IMHO the fact that Toyota has chosen to deny them instead of seriously investigating them is worse than the glitches themselves.

Just curious, because many of you are Prius owners:

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I have noticed the following on my Prius:

Vehicle accellerates rapidly under cruise control
Brakes don't always engage on demand
Accellerator pedal sticks
Can't see traffic behind me
GPS is distracting
MPG is significantly less than expected

Christians and SSM

Some LJ friends have been discussing what makes one a Christian, and are expressing alarm that some very vocal self-professed Christians are vehemently against same-sex marriage. I was raised in a Conservative/Orthodox Jewish household, and can point you to the passages in the Torah (aka Old Testament) which declare same-sex intercourse to be punishable by death, but it's been 30 years since I read the Gospels, and frankly can't remember if Jesus or his gang of 12 ever said anything either way about same-sex sex. If anyone can enlighten me, I'd appreciate it.

And no, I'm not talking about generic "love everyone" missives, I'm talking about lines which are as explicit as the ones in Leviticus.