February 12th, 2010


Massively eventful day

Went to the laundromat, did laundry. Parked myself at the nearby coffee shop during the wash cycle and the Chinese fast food place during the dry cycle. Somewhere in there I phoned my Mom. PO, collected my mail. Home, dropped off the laundry & mail, then went to BB&B to replace the mattress cover which had disintegrated in my hands when I stripped the bed, and then to Petsmart for some aquarium plants, a pair of jewels and a female betta.

Home, put the fish and plants in their respective tanks, put away the laundry, made the bed, tried to skype Mom (no answer), watched Ellen Degeneris compete with Oprah while touting the fact that she was on the cover of O. How did this woman get a talk show? And why is it so sexist? I mean straight sexist, not gay sexist. Who cares?

Time to make some dinner. I have some honey beef left over from lunch, and a dozen croissants. And frozen mixed veggies. I am such a gourmand...