February 22nd, 2010


Mind Slips

Keep meaning to write about it, but it's so trivial. Just a note to myself, really. The neighbors who park to the left of me at the apartment used to be a drama-laden Asian couple who were somehow related to another Asian couple a few doors down. Both couples have since moved away. Now the people to the left are young men who apparently travel a lot, and are living in the apartment kind of like it is a college frat house. These are 2-bedroom townhouses and in addition to the two bedrooms upstairs they have a futon bed downstairs. I'm pretty sure there are three of them, but it's hard to tell. Sometimes no one is home for a couple of days, and there have been three different cars in the parking space at one time or another since they moved in. What reminded me of the note is last night and tonight the car has been a sporty black number, with a skateboard sitting on the floor by the front passenger seat. The drama couple drove a black car and often the wife would leave her purse in the same position on the floor next to the front seat.

On the other side of me is another 3-person arrangement, at least one of them works for Google. When they first arrived, the vehicle parked in the spot was a beater red pickup with a down-market canopy and four bald tires, with a Folsom license plate frame. This started rotating with a Datsun B-210 which looked like it had been built from spare parts, and was painted in brown primer. Lately there have been 2007-ish cars which were probably bought at a dealership, but right now there's a black sporty car very similar to the one with the skateboard, except the front seats have X-shaped slashes on them, as if someone had a contest to see who could bounce on the seat hard enough to bust through the upholstery.

Very sparse turnout at BASFA tonight. I almost didn't go, but then I remembered Carole was probably going to bring the tape I'd won at the Interfilk auction at Conflikt, so it would be a good thing to be there.  But I had not planned on eating there. Instead of going straight to Sunnyvale from work, I drove to Palo Alto and the Mountain Mike's at Middlefield & Charleston, which advertises a dinner pizza buffet, all you can eat, Mondays and Thursdays 5-8 pm. But when I got there, the place was empty, and the only evidence of a pizza buffet was half of a small ham and pineapple pizza under the lamps. That was at 6:45. So I left, made a quick stop at home to get the mail, then off to SVale and BASFA. And Carole did indeed bring the tape.

Work was kind of light, I played around with the router's rate shaping but didn't get it to work. Installed some useful tools onto the server, read a lot of team reports from other team managers, poked around the documentation stash, and successfully drowned my cold in chicken noodle soup. Lunch was a pretty decent Asian chicken salad which I almost passed up because the label made it sound like it was something else, something less palatable.

Updated my web site with the new employer's logo. Added a bunch of elephant photos to my facebook howeird fan page.  

Mom phoned at a little past 9. That's the first time she's been up that late in ages. I was still at BASFA, so I missed the call. Have to call her back tomorrow. Tried to skype her the other day, but I think I got Dad's computer, and he dropped the call.
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