February 27th, 2010



Busy at work Friday, got in later than I wanted, thanks to 4:30 am insulin reaction. Those take a lot out of me, needed some extra sleep. It was wall to wall work at work, lots of tests to run and learn how to run and try to figure out if they could be run with what I had available. Sometimes not.

In the background Adobe InDesign is printing a batch of new Photographer biz cards, so let's work backwards from there:
- Finished printing on card stock the signs to go with the photos
- Pasted my name & address labels on the backs of the photo frames
- Pasted the info labels (truncated versions of the card stock signs) on the backs of the photo frames
- Typed, formatted, mail-merged and printed all the above
- Debated which image was the best of the two, and framed that last photo for the display
- To Costco, picked up two possible last photos for the display
Earlier in the week, including last night:
- Ordered 12x18s of both images, just in case
- Checked my hard drive and Flickr and JPEG magazine to narrow it down to one of two images
- Realized there was one more photo which I wanted to show which was not yet printed
- Selected and framed several previously printed 12x18 photos for the display
- Brought two photos home from work where they were decorating my cubicle
-  Was invited by maurinestarkey to display some photos at NASA Ames' Contact 2010 conference

Done printing. Got other little things done - litterboxes changed, minor groc shopping. Was planning on making cookies, but that'll have to wait till tomorrow. Mail was way late, my first paycheck from the new contract agency was in it. Old agency owes me one more, due on the 5th.

Home made chicken soup with store-bought shrimp won tons tonight was yummy. Went to Radio Shack and there is a fairly new Ranch 99 in the same complex, next to a Nob Hill. Guess which one I got the won tons from?

Plans for tomorrow: If I'm up in time, catch a matinée. Maybe Bull In A China Shop at Santa Clara.  Guess not, no Sunday show till the 7th.  Pear Ave Theater is sold out, bummer. I like their annual Pear Slices, when I can get in. Maybe a new batch of chocolate chip cookies is in the cards. Depends on the weather. It was cold front city today, clear skies, then a buncha clouds and torrential rain and wind, then sunny and calm. Reminds me of rainy season in southern Thailand, only colder.