March 8th, 2010


Nutshell Consonance Report

Will have much much more later in the week, have many photos to color correct and videos to edit. And writing to do.

The good:
- I have never seen so much musical and showmanship talent ever before in a single filk venue. Yay Seanan!
- Lots of places to eat in easy walking distance (reviews to come)
- Hotel spaces were right-sized
- Judi Miller as Toast jammed rocked!
- Con Suite was always well-stocked with sandwich makings and gluten-free, sugar-free stuffs
- Tons of free parking
- Everything was on the ground floor
- Balloons for the kids, and well-attended kid's room an intelligent distance from the concert hall
- There's always room for cello

The not so good:
- No programming grid, just concerts and open filk
- Unused rooms due to no programming
- Temperature was always way too warm in the concert hall
- Hilton's Ginger cafe had extremely limited choices, for too many $$
- Audio setup needed color coding on the connectors and matching color coding on the Mackie
(way too much "which mike is that?" and feedback from mikes which should not have been hot)
- Private party across the hall from the concert venue on Sunday
- Con Suite had almost no chocolate, no cake, and almost nothing that wasn't healthy. And they had that horrible Splenda-sweetened diet Coke.
- Loud live music in the bar Fri-Sat and louder, bad Karaoke Sunday almost killed AJ, the loudest filker on the planet
- Tricky Pixie's set list (more on that later)
- Fell in love with a German girl.