April 12th, 2010



It's almost mid-April, why is it stil raining torrents? And don't tell me "we need the rain" because that stopped being true a month ago. We need the sunshine, it's the best anti-depressant.

Sunday was a good day to be indoors, so I went to the local cinema and saw the 3D version of How to Train Your Dragon. It was okay. Glad I only paid matinee price for it, not worth full price. A lot of violence for a kid's movie. Vikings with Scottish accents - WTF? The placement of the eyes on the tamed dragon seemed wrong. In fact, the whole face on the tamed dragon was wrong, and not nearly expressive enough. Plot was okay, except it was about 30 minutes of plot crammed into 98 minutes of video. People who are praising the 3D must have missed the three or four transition scenes which were out of phase. It seemed to happen every time they did a filler showing a wide view of the village. Was surprised to see David Tennant's name as the last major character in the credits (Spitelout). He's not listed on IMDB. Closing credits were so lame I didn't stay to see if there was an easter egg.

Made a quick trip to Microcenter to pick up a PCI - IDE card, since the new motherboard has no IDE. More about this later.

Home, figured it was a good day to put the new PC together. Actually followed the instructions this time. Collapse )