April 21st, 2010


Never let a zombie pick your brain

The DVD which Costco's service transferred from 8mm home movies was not very good. Most of the framing was off, and the gate was filthy. None of it was quite in focus. Both of these are easy to fix if an actual human sets up each transfer, but it has the earmarks of "shove it in the machine and forgetaboutit". Not bad enough to ask for a refund, not good enough to ask them to do it over. So I'll try a place in Texas which advertises that they only do 8mm, and they sound very proud of their work. And it costs less than Costco, with a higher quality bitrate. This weekend I'll box up the same two reels and see what they do with them.

No jury duty today - it's furlough day at SC Superior. Need to check after 5 for tomorrow.

Must scoot. Team meeting. First one in a month or more for various reasons.


Feels like Friday...twice

Rough day at work today, lots of tests I'd never done before, one of them a pass looked like a fail because the engineer who wrote the test described it as though the tester has seen the results before. Which I had not. And they were counter-intuitive. And it's very odd that in all my years of testing video I'd never seen this particular display. And then some more tests which required something similar to a factory reset prior to each step, and that meant about 15 remote control key presses on a remote control which was designed for Superman. My fingers got a major workout.

Stopped off for groceries on the way home. Nothing exciting there except large limes are back in season.

Still not called for jury duty, have to check in again online at 11 tomorrow morning.

Boxed up the bad drive from the old PC and the two reels of film which Costco couldn't get done right, and will ship those off tomorrow.

Now that my T-Mobile contract is done I'm thinking of trying the iPhone again. Must be the drugs.

Plans for tomorrow:
home, play with video