June 9th, 2010


Busy day

Up with the alarm, which is the TV, this morning giving incomplete news of election results. Enough to get me into the computer room to look them up.

Happy Prop 16 was defeated. Sad that the winning candidates are a veritable rogue's gallery. Jerry Brown, not a quarter the governor his father was, trying for a geriatric return after failing as mayor of Oakland and CA Atty Gen, among other things. A stronger person in that position would have found a way to nuke Prop 8. Meg Whitman, who poured millions into negative campaigning, much of it lies, after turning eBay from a fair market into an overpriced online mall, then cashing out.

Carly Fiorina, who took a strong HP and destroyed it utterly. She laid off thousands and outsourced the jobs, sold off the core of the company - its test & measurement division, and sold out the computer division to Compaq, and then gutted the personnel which might have salvaged that sad mistake. And her resignation in dishonor as she and her staff violated a truckload of HR laws. She'll be running against Barbara Boxer, who is so entrenched in DC she didn't even come back to CA to vote, let alone attend her election party.

And the duped citizens of the city of Santa Clara, which voted to give a chunk of change to build a stadium for the NFL billionaires without even a hint of a word on paper that if they build it the 49ers will play there. Meanwhile it will jam traffic in the area for 4 years of construction.

I'm not sure how I feel about Prop 14 passing. It will make all future primaries open, so anyone can vote for any candidate, and the two with the most votes go on the November election, even if they are from the same party. Washington State went to a non-partisan state legislature, but in reality everyone on the ballot lists which party paid for their campaigns. The way to get CA back in business is to revoke all 2/3 vote laws and return to strict majority rules.

Gavin Newsome, the Dick Cheney of romance who had an affair with his best friend's wife (after hiring his friend) accepted the friend's resignation and didn't even make a token move to do the right thing and resign himself.

More about my busy day

Got to work early-ish, got through a pile of test cases which needed more than the usual amount of set-up, and became multitasking central when two major bugs started popping up in several forms, because they were so basic. And a third one which was an "is it a bug or a typo in the test case?"

Spent half an hour with each of two product people on someone else's bug, because I was set up to demo it for them. It was all good - hearing the other side of the coin. My job is to find the bugs, theirs is to decide how much customer impact it will have vs. how difficult it will be to fix vs. how much worse the customer experience will be if they fix it. The upshot is I will probably be asked to replicate the bug on a wireless connection. Or not, since the rest of the week I'm assigned to a different device, and this one is going to fail certs anyway. While I was demoing the one bug, we saw another one which the product guys were told (by the manufacturer) had been fixed. It happens.

After work I drove to the SJ library and dropped off the anime, which was due Saturday. Coffee shop closed at 5. Boo hiss. So back to MV, bought some stuff at the drugstore and decided to treat myself to dinner out. The Thai places were too crowded, in fact most of the restaurants on the block were packed, except for a new one called The Kitchen Table, which has a certificate of Kosher posted. The first item on the menu is "knish of the day" which almost got me inside, but the rest of the menu was so not Jewish and bland I decided to pass. Went across the street to Neato and had lamb kabob, cake and free wifi.

Plans for tomorrow:
Up early, 8 am physical therapy appointment
P/U insulin at the Kaiser near work
??? No band practice till the 17th.
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