June 21st, 2010


Stuff and Such

It was good to be back at work. Got up early enough to detour to the PO and picked up my on-hold mail, just a small handful, mostly sales catalogs and insurance ads.

My project this week is the same TV set from 2 weeks ago, with updated firmware. Watched part of a beautifully photographed Chinese movie called Red Cliff. The HD is truly stunning, but unfortunately the TV set choked on it. Watched an episode toward the middle of the first season of Heroes, which reminded me why I stopped watching IRL. The schizo blonde chick violence, blood & gore are way past anything I remotely consider entertainment. Finished the day with the first hour of Michael Jackson's This Is It which is in several flavors of SD, none of them worthy of moviedom. But it's an interesting view of Jackson's combination of professionalism, diva and shy boy, and there's a mix of physical strength and weakness. What used to be stylistic is now jerky and choreographed, but he could still dance, and his backup dancers were top notch. His musicians were even better. I'll need to watch the last half, more for the testing than the enjoyment.

Too much to do at home to go to BASFA. Had to pick up litterbox refills and cat food. I thought I had two refills out on the balcony before I went to Seattle, but last night when I went to change the litter boxes there was nothing to change with. Also discovered last night that the friend who came by a couple of times to top off th cats' water did too good a job - when I started to squirt whipped cream into Domino's treats bowl, it was full of water. One of the food towers was completely out of food, and I had none left (had been planning to buy more that Saturday). The other tower was mostly full, so no problem there.

So, did the food and litterbox thing, hauled garbage out to the dumpster, opened all the mail, called T-mobile to pay my final bill (they had locked me out of my account so I could not do it online), looked up on comcast.net to see where to return the voice modem, but it pointed to a 7-11 with a street address in Mountain View but the city name was Milpitas. So I did the online chat thing, which asked for way too much info to enter the chat, and then they asked for it again (which I refused to do) and they gave me the same bogus 7-11 address. I'll stop by tomorrow night just for grins, but I just don't see dropping off Comcast equipment at a 7-11. Even paying bills there is a bit of a stretch.

While writing this, I'm updating my iPhone to version 4. Apparently my 3Gs isn't eligible for the $300 upgrade to a 4 until Christmas 2011.
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