July 22nd, 2010


It Is Too Early To Be This Late

Long day. Morning was spent online banking. Work was devoted to re-running a couple of video quality tests on a series of devices which are different models from the same manufacturer using basically the same firmware. They all failed, repeatably. I showed the product manager and we tried to figure out a root cause. Bad timing, the manufacturer's rep had just gone home after being here. Home is not in the USA.

Stepped out for an hour to do some banking. I was able to make the first inheritance distribution to myself and two out of three sisters. Fourth sister still needs to send me account numbers. Logged into the old T. Rowe Price account and saw they have zeroed it out. Still waiting for the new account information. As soon as I get that, I will transfer everything from that account and my personal account into one of the brokerages which was actually helpful.

Worked till 7, then stopped off home and hauled the laundry to the coinless laundromat in Sunnyvale. It's a love/hate thing. The place is brand new, has several sizes of washers and two sizes of dryers (big and "where can I dry a mattress?") and everything is done by loading up a mag stripe card with $$ and pushing the card into the machine's reader. No more quarters. Even the soap is sold that way (though I bring my own). The hate thing is they start sweeping and mopping the floor an hour before closing, and there is no place inside to sit. I really need to find a place to live which has its own washer/dryer.

Plans for tomorrrow:
YOTB rehearsal

Soup To Nuts

Or: Things people do to soup.

I was teaching a class at HP in Colorado Springs and we went to the cafeteria for lunch. One of the students enthusiastically recommended the Rocky Mountain 7-bean Soup, so I ladled myself a bowl. When I started heading for the next food station, he pointed to two bowls of shredded cheese (yellow and white) and said I had to put some in my soup. I had never heard of putting cheese into a non-cheesy soup before, but I tried it, and have been adding cheese to all kinds of soup ever since.

Visiting a friend for family dinner, tomato soup started the meal. There was a big bowl of Saltine crackers being passed around, and everyone but me took a handful. I watched in dismay as all of them crumbled crackers into the soup, stirring it into a thick paste. I ate mine straight - it was excellent soup. I'll drop a few Saltines into clear soups, but not tomato or cream-of or chowders.

My Asian friends dump copious amounts of Tabasco sauce into their soup. Okay, it looks like Tabasco, but the letters on the bottle (the ones which have not been burned off) are Chinese. Sorry, I just don't do anything that hot. It took a long time to grow back my taste buds after living in Thailand, I'd rather taste the food than mask it.

So what do you do to soup which you think I should try, and/or everyone thinks you are crazy for doing?
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