August 5th, 2010



Showed up at Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsals ready to try out the new horn, only to discover that we aren't rehearsing tonight. So I'm at the open-till-11 Starbucks which is on the way home, where there has been much traffic, some of it in the form of young women in very short shorts and cut-offs, two of whom are seated at the table in front of mine.

Caught up on most of my email, posted a lot of F-locked stuff.

While I was working from home Tuesday I took some time to watch the baby fish and their bright orange parents. The first tie I looked in the morning, I saw no babies. Then out comes Mom, who made several trips from the under-rock cave they jewels had excavated, spitting out mouthfuls of kiddies each time she came out front. In minutes there were about 50 babies around her. The babies in the breeder pen also got more active about that time.

This morning Mom was poking at the bottom of the breeder pen, looking for a way to rescue the kids, no doubt. I think they are safer in there for now, I have been feeding them baby food (a very fine powder) and they have a clump of live moss in there, so they should be okay.

Plans for tomorrow:
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