August 17th, 2010


LJ Fail

This evening's project, since I'm not called for rehearsals, was to camp out at the Blossom Hill Starbucks, which is open till 11, and appreciate the eye candy, of which there was much. And peripherally, to try to get LJ to let me put a background image behind the text of my entries.

Major league fail here, because while there is a list of about 20 themes which allegedly support this, mst of them put the image behind the background color of the text, rather than use the image as the background. And of those few I found which do that the right way, none respect the "no repeat, fixed image" commands. And while all of them claim to support CSS, most ignore the justify tag (okay, okay, I know there is not justification for what I write, but I'm talking about the physical font here).
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