August 19th, 2010

Weird Load

Weird Dream Channel

I'm applying for a grad school advisor. This process takes weeks of interviewing with every advisor in the city. Or maybe several cities. I don't see the actual interviews, what I see is me going to various buildings, most of them office buildings, sometimes by car sometimes by bus or light rail, always to a reception area where I wait until I am called, and then the dream segues to me coming home to my girlfriend (whom I never see clearly - I don't know who she is) who does the obligatory thing each time of being sympathetic and patient and "you'll get admitted somewhere, I know you will", but my confidence level is zero.

The process is slowly working its way to a conclusion, as I see friend after friend called in to be assigned an advisor. They get a call or a note in the mail telling them to come see a number - the number represents a particular advisor. Weeks pass and I am getting nothing, no hint that I am even being considered. It's like I'm unemployed and can't find a job no matter ho much I interview.

Finally a courier delivers a slip of paper with the number 59 on it. I go to The Building and up to The Floor and the room is filled with people I know from Peace Corps and theater, and the first one to acknowledge me is Bob, a long-time theater friend who IRL is a lawyer but here he is dressed in a safari outfit. I ask him if he is number 59, and he indicates the whole room and says "We all are. Take your pick." The reason it has taken so long to call me is every advisor wants to be my advisor. This completely takes my breath away. I love all these people, how can I choose?

Halfway across he room there is a slight commotion, and the group somehow has intuited who in this large crowd is my choice. I don't see who the person is exactly, but I know it is a woman, and I know it is someone I used to have a big crush on. It is apparent that she also has a crush on me, and everyone ion the room knows this will be a romantic relationship, and  the buzz is that the reason everyone chose me is they know I will be as much an advisor to them as they would be to me.

I wake up to Domino licking the side of my arm and rubbing her face against it - using my arm as a cleaning paw.

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Last night I was all set to watermark my latest model shoot photos and send them up to Flickr, but no matter where in my template I put the copyright notice, Photoshop batch command put them dead center. I don't really want them across the models' faces.

Just found a tutorial which may save the day, showing how to make the watermark look like it is a piece of glass placed over the photo. The trick is to change the layer mode to "hard light". Will give it a go after YOTB rehearsals tonight.

Geisha Photo Shoot

Originally uploaded by how3ird.

Geisha shoot photos are posted on Flickr. Click on the photo to get there

There are three sets: Lissa, Souveche and Monk. What took me so long to post them is the watermark I had been using was broken by Adobe's CS4 release of PhotoShop, and it took some time to figure out the best way to make a new one. Tonight I mashed together three tutorials, none of whom really got it right, and found a way to make a transparent watermark. Once that was installed all I had to do was run batch routines for each of the models, and use the handy Flickr uploader tool.

I didn't get many shots of Monk because his makeup was a rush job (he showed up way late), and he kept blinking.