August 20th, 2010


Have you seen the little fishies?

Sadly, the hundred or so baby jeweled ciclids are no longer in the tank. I don't think it was predators - Mom & Dad were keeping them under guard pretty well. They had plenty of food & air and the tank is clean, so I'm puzzled. Usually by this time a half dozen would be seen around the moss and in the parental cave. The adult pair have been in their dug-out cave under the rocks a lot, I suspect there will be another hatching.

Meanwhile, the male betta died. Pretty much killed off by the female, who is now 3/4 of the way transitioned into male. Fish do that sometimes, when a male is infertile, which this one seemed to be. So the dilemma is do I buy a replacement male, female or pair? The latter, probably. Let them duke it out.
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SARATOGA (CBS 5 / BCN) ― Spectators at an outdoor concert at a Saratoga winery were horrified when a man plunged to his death onto the stage during the performance Thursday night.

The concert by the group The Swell Season was wrapping up at The Mountain Winery just before 10:30 p.m. when the man fell from above the historic stone building that sits behind the stage

[gory details cut for ironic effect]

The Swell Season, which also features singer Markéta Irglová, gained fame in the United States upon winning the 2008 Academy Award for the song Falling Slowly on the film Once