August 21st, 2010


Lotsa Stuff Done Today

Top of my list was to change out the litterboxes, but that did not get done yet. Tomorrow morning for sure. :-)

My plan to cure sleep deprivation worked perfectly. I got to bed at 11:30, well before my usual 1:30-2 am. And then things went a little south. Woke up at 1:35, 2:30, 3:45, 5:15, 6:25, 7:00 and 7:45. My alarm was set for 8.

But still, I was up early enough until I went online and things just kept catching my attention, and the plan to be at NASA Ames for the monthly model rocket launch by 10 were not helped by the fact that I was still on the computer. But I did manage to get there before 10:30.

They have been relocated to the far end of the runway. They also restricted where people could stand so that I couldn't get close enough to the big rockets. I'm uploading the images from my camera as I write this, but I know I don't have any art show quality shots.

I was planning on leaving by noon, and this was helped along by the NASA airport tower shutting us down a few minutes before noon due to high winds.

Home, grabbed some lunch, then drove down to San Jose to help out at the Lyric Theater set shop. I did okay as a warm body, then used a power screwdriver to take apart a flat they didn't want/need anymore, and then was a warm body again. Left around 4, which was the official quitting time anyway. Halfway through I took a hydration/donutation break, and Connie showed me her beautiful luthier-built ukulele. It has a nice deep tone, and she's just starting to learn to play, but she sounded good.

Since it was still relatively early and the annoying yellow check engine light had been on all week., I stopped in at Oil Changers and had the oil/filter changed. Was planning to go to Jiffy Lube, but turned in at the first place instead of the second place on San Antonio. Not a problem, especially because JL charges for everything, regardless of whether it applies to your car.

Then to a pet store to get a pair of bettas, some food for them, and a Ph kit for the cichlid tank. Home, put the fish in the tank and tried the Ph test kit, then to the store to get ice cream and frozen dinners. Back home, had dinner, checked TiVo for football games (watched the first drive of the Raiders' game) and generally vegged and realized I was a bit sore from the set shop work.

Plans for tomorrow:
Sleep in
Change the litterboxes
Play at an elementary school with Ye Olde Towne Band after picking up one of our legally blind band members in Palo Alto. If they don't cancel - at Thursday night's rehearsal the conductor said he didn't have enough trumpets and maybe also clarinets to build a band. Lots of people on vacation, some with prior commitments (including other concerts or musicals).