August 26th, 2010


Hunka Burning Love

The Dual-layer DVD I made 10 years ago of the Man of La Mancha production I was in then had been refusing to copy to a new DVD no matter what tricks I tried. I no longer have the computer or the drives it was done with, and even though the ISO file says it is half a gig less than the DL blanks can handle, I keep getting a "not enough space on disk" error. Which usually means a broken EOF marker somewhere.

Since SATA DVD drives were  bleeding edge when I bought the ones in the new PC, and ASUS doesn't even list them anymore, I stopped by Fry's on the way home and picked up a pair of Samsungs, and slapped them into the machine. Still didn't get a good copy. But I was able to extract the video from the original DVD into my Corel software and used that to build a new set of chapters and menu, which is burning in the background, almost done now. Keeping virtual fingers crossed. At least Win7 recognized the Samsung burners, something it didn't do automatically with the ASUS ones. I probably should have checked for firmware updates before running the burn program...

Work was boring today. I spent the day mostly pounding on network handshaking tests, running a lot of Wireshark sessions. Finally finished at about 5:30, spent the last half hour watching some more Sarah Connor Chronicles, which seemed slightly out of sync. I may need to look at more of those to see for sure.

Went straight home, pulled the quilt off the bed, turned on the fan, and after I finished the hardware upgrade took a nap for 2 hours while the video extraction was in progress.

Plans for tomorrow:
YOTB rehearsals
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I have finally come up with a couple of analogies to the NYC mosque which do not mention Hitler:

1. It would be like the NRA building a community center with a rifle range, swimming pool and theater open to the whole community a few blocks from Columbine High School.

2. It would be like a survivalist group  building a community center with a meeting hall, swimming pool and theater open to the whole community a few blocks from the site of the demolished Oklahoma City federal building.

It doesn't really matter that the group was already well represented in the neighborhood, or that the community is welcome to use the facility, or that they have a First Amendment right to build it. It's in bad taste, insensitive, and shows a lack of consideration for the community as a whole.