September 6th, 2010

Weird Load

Weird Dream Channel

Close-up of a tennis court. A short, chubby middle-aged black woman wearing a navy blue dress walks onto the court carrying a cheap wooden racket. Her hair is black and curly - a lot of time was spent in curlers - and her dress is the sort which has a button-down top with a calf-length pleated skirt bottom (it's all one piece). The buttons are large and white, there is a faded yellow print pattern of some kind, very small and subtle against the navy background. The announcer says "World famous tennis player Mary Lou Retton is on the court." There are other people in white tennis dresses on the court, but they are only seen from the waist down, and are not recognizable. The black woman looks like she belongs there when she walks onto the court, but as the announcer babbles in that non-stop, everything ever written about Mary Lou Retton kind of way, the woman starts to look like maybe she doesn't belong there after all. The announcer wraps up his spiel with "Mary Lou Retton, ladies and gentlemen", the black woman gracefully walks off the court, the audience applauds.
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Worked today...

For some reason I was actually on the road at the time I want to be every morning, but never am. Blame it on that bizarre dream waking me up early. I was afraid if I didn't write it down I'd lose it, but I can still see it clearly all these hours later.

Work was frustrating, thanks to some problems with the new server software. I got a lot done between the time I discovered it had changed IP addresses on me and it got stuck in a mode which sent a test error message even after I'd cleared the message and rebooted the machine. By that time it was quitting time anyway, but it messed up the results of my last 5 tests.

Went home via Safeway, I needed cheese and zucchini. Zucchini is for the plecosthemus. Watched a DVD from a friend of a recent local production of Once Upon a Mattress. I thought I'd seen the show before but I had not. There are some clever bits of writing in it, a few nice tunes, and some really stupid stuff. The leads were all very good. There wasn't a single person onstage I knew, which is pretty strange for a local show. Especially one directed by someone I've been onstage with. Anyway, it was good mindless entertainment, now that Crag's List's adult services category has been taken down.

Tonight I may try the champagne egg cream experiment. I have some really cheap champagne in the fridge left over from NYE, and some chocolate milk. I love mixing half a glass of seltzer with chocolate milk, and what is champagne except alcoholic seltzer?

Plans for tomorrow:
Babes rehearsal