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So the guy who called yesterday to lure me back to that vendor job at Oculus didn't send the email he promised. It was supposed to have their benefits package and annual vs. hourly salary offers.

7:30 alarm took me by surprise, I'd made a pit stop a little after 6, went back to sleep. Picked up my tablet to see where Spook was, and Spot jumped up on the bed and plopped himself next to me.

When I went to sleep, Spook was under the linen rack and Spot was on the floor on the other side of the door.

Work was okay. Finished parsing the crap TV automated tests, found yet another test fail (the test was bad not the TV).  Set that beast aside and went back to the German STB to run the YouTube tests. It didn't handle 4K well. But other than that it was okay.

Lunch was a Google ham cubes & blue cheese salad. I actually like those. Better than the White Castle mini sliders I'd brought.

Plugged in the car at 4-ish, it was charged by 5, much faster than the display said. In related news, my commuter lane tags apparently are being revoked in January. Bummer. Looked into leasing a Chevy Bolt, but it looks like I can't afford one. Almost twice what I'm paying too much for on the Ford. But that's for a 2019, and I'd be fine with a 2018.

On the way home got to wanting to restock falafel. So I detoured to the one store which I knew had it, it was a combo India/Arab/Mexican grocery. But it is now only Indian, where there once was falafel there are 47 kinds of samosas. Halvah is also gone, though they still have baklava. Left empty-handed. Maybe I'll stop at the falafel place near work.

Mortgage company sent a note reminding me about the leap to 8.1%, they included a phone number to call to talk about fixing that.

Dinner was baked chicken thigh & mixed veggies. Popsicles for dessert.

Only had time to watch the last 2 episodes of Bachelor In Paradise,  in which too many couples were LJBFed, two got engaged, including the guy who was a total putz on the last Bachelorette. To be fair, he started well, but be-putzed himself little by little until he was sent home. Two couples who broke up on Paradise got back together at the wrap-up show.

Refilled the hummingbird feeders, three birds were fighting over nothing when I got home. Also changed out the litterboxes, but not before Spot peed on a throw rug by the carport door and ruined it.

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