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Storming Ahead

Up on time, but Spot was lying against me and Spook was staring at us from under the linen rack, so I took my time getting out of bed. Instead of a real lunch I packed 4 slices of baloney and two slices of bread. And some grapes & some cantaloupe chunks. 

Traffic was fine on the back roads except for the asshole Uber driver who cut in front of me and blocked my right turn (he went straight, eventually) at the 5-minute long light at IFH. But it was stop and go to the exit, and 15 minutes to get off the freeway.

So many stop lights, the car shuts down, so I didn't use half the battery. No need to plug in.

No work to do, so I "tested" twitch on the German STB, watching several storm chasers in NC waiting for a hurricane which was not due till 2 am, and would be at most a cat 1 by then.

All the chasers were saying the wind wasn't a problem, it was flooding. That means their infrastructure sucks. Don't blame Nature for easily preventable stuff.

Phoned the mortgage company and gave them info updates, and they will get back to me in a few days with restructuring possibilities.

Received email from Recruiter, he said it got stuck in his out box.  Not a huge confidence builder.

Lunch was a ham salad I grabbed early in the day and hid in my cooler. I did eventually eat everything in the cooler except the bread.

Left at 5:30, stopped in at the Falafel place, it was empty and the two staffers were just hanging around. Took 20 minutes to make my dozen falafels to go. That place is off my list now.

Next stop, Lowe's, after a while I found three mats on clearance, cost about $20 total. One was an actual throw rug the other two were SJ Sharks promos, thin but good for two traffic-heavy spots. Final stop, BofA ATM. I was fresh out of yuppie food stamps.

Home, nothing in the mail, no deliveries.

Replied to recruiter email, said the job looks good, but I'll pass on the 100% paid benefits because even at $1200 a year, Kaiser comes out costing me less and giving me more coverage. Their plan has a deductible, and higher co-pays for everything except labs and doctor visits. $300 for the ER compared to $80. And told him to include the compensation choices next time (there's a choice between hourly or annual).

Also applied again at Roku. Almost applied at Netflix, but they are back to insisting on coders. Idjits.

Watched PTI from yesterday, today's was pre-emptied by college football. Also watched another episode of the MTV couples match farce. Their magic matcher machine had in the past declared 3 "perfect matches" but now it's only showing 2. And that was after the women all chose different guys than they had been with before. Just by chance that should have resulted in more matches. So something is very wrong with this picture. The camera crew are definitely ass men. The place is prime bottom country.

There was a Below Deck episode on the Tivo, but it turned out to be a reunion wrap with that personality-free host. I could only stand a few minutes, nuked it. Looking forward to the return of the original.

Checking back on Twitch.tv, two of the storm chasers are out there at 1:30 am, their time, eye wall due in 30 minutes. Lots of blown transformers and 200,000 people without power says craptastic electric company maintenance. Some flooding but not a lot. All the structures seem to be standing, but these chasers are well inland.

Dinner was supposed to be shrimp egg rolls and corn on the cob, but after forcing down one egg roll, the other two went into the disposal. Grocery Outlet specials. The corn was great. Filled up on peanut butter, then had popsicles.

Tasted the falafel, it was so-so. Good enough for lunch. The sauces they put with it were gross. But there is hummus and tahini at work. Just remembered that Whole Foods has falafel and I get a 10% discount with my Amazon Prime. Piazza's may also have them.

Plans for tomorrow:
Whole foods?

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