Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Connections Day

Up on time, but Spot was between me and the floor again. He purrs so loudly and just lies there against my side. And doesn't move until I push him hard.

Text came in as I was getting up, annoying Verizon saying my auto-renewal happened. They won't let me turn off the texts.

Traffic was okay because I was at the exit by 8:45, and as with all non-stop trips, I hardly used any battery.

Nothing to do again. Sent email to London asking what I'm supposed to do with the second Arris STB, and got OOF notices that they are all at a trade show till Monday. That explains a lot.

Meanwhile, a gang of Asian engineers moved into the conference room next door and are full-out testing sound bars. Oscilloscope and all. They are not supposed to be there. It's not supposed to be a test lab, it's a conference room. Which is why I didn't get it.

Watched a storm chaser in Texas, he eventually parked by the gulf, and we watched ocean waves. None of the Carolina streamers made it online today. They need solid cell phone service to operate, and Carolinas are well know to be mostly broken infrastructures that way, outside of universities and Research Triangle.

Lunch was falafel. Nuked 6 of the ones I'd bought the other day from the empty restaurant. Managed to get down four with the help of some little tubs of lemon hummus from the fridge. Poorly made falafel, coarse ground, crumbly.  Cantaloupe chunks for dessert. Almond roca popcorn snack to make up for it later.

Got email from the mortgage company, the same 15-year 5.9% deal the two brokers said they were trying for. Dealing directly with the mortgage company, they didn't need much from me, just pay stubs and employment proof. It looks pretty seamless. Wish I had known, the first broker had me have the place re-assessed which cost $500. And they were going to take 1% off the top as well. And charge escrow fees.  This deal pays all the fees as part of the loan, and the bottom line is my monthly payment will go up about $69 a month instead of $169.

Late in the day the errant recruiter called, he claims the job is a different one than before, but it isn't. He offered a lower hourly and no annual rate. But it's still $12/hr more than I'm getting now. Phone interview Tuesday lunchtime.

I'm not all that hopeful, though.

Plugged in the car at 4:30, it was almost charged in an hour.

Watched PTI, dinner was reheated ground beef with onions and mushrooms. Found in the freezer marked turkey stew. Also found was a big container of orange peel sugar, which I let thaw and poured down the drain. There are also some candied orange peels (also marked turkey stew)  thawing which may or may  not be edible. If they are, I'll make small snack packets for work.

Also found were two tubs of chicken soup, to be saved for my next cold.

After dinner, went for a massage. Against my better judgment, since it's too expensive to do more than once a month. One of my not-favorite people did the honors, but she made up for last time a little bit. Nice face massage at the end. She recognized my nails.

Home, thought about stopping at Safeway for milk, I'm all out, because the half gallon I bought first was curdled - on its use-by date. Will do that tomorrow I think.

Delivered was a box of paper plates. Putting them away I saw I was not completely out after all, there was one pack left.

Started to refill the cat food tower, but the idiot design made me quit - it loads from the top, which is good, but the hole in the top is tiny compared to the rest of the tower.

Watching the cameras during the day, Spook was on top of the tall tree, and one tier down, and in the kitchen window. Spot also got in the kitchen window while Spook was on the tree. Spook has been reclaiming her house little by little, but Spot continues to be a bully.

Plans for tomorrow:
Photo shoot at noon
Coffee with Janice at 5
Buy milk
Find a better food tower


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