January 7th, 2011

Weird Dream

Weird Dream Channel

This was a three part dream, I woke up in between each part. It was basically the same dream each time with one variation. The basic dream was that I was part of the staff of a junior league sports team, the season was over, and we were moving all our gear from the clubhouse/rec center into storage. First dream was football, second was baseball with wooden bats and third one was baseball with aluminum bats.

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I Know Who To Blame For This

Today crews started digging the extension of the Stevens Creek Trail which will run alongside my apartment. I will be able to see the bicyclers, joggers and walkers from my balcony, assuming I am still living there by the time it opens. There are signs saying that from 00/00/0000 to 00/00/0000 the road I use to get to the freeway will be closed due to this construction. I don't see why - they won't be digging up the road, they will only be upgrading a few feet alongside the creek (which is a concrete-lined culvert). The creek is a good 50 feet from the road.

Anyway, I know who to blame - my only local cousin is the head of the trail committee. :-)
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