March 12th, 2011

Weird Dream

Weird Dream Channel

There is a structure which recurs in my dreams very often. It's hard to describe, because in the dream I am seeing myself looking out from behind this thing, at very close range - an inch or three. It looks a lot like a blender base, but without the buttons. It symbolizes a staging area - most of the time this structure appears it is at the start or end of a dream, and I am holding a person out in front of it, like a kid would hold out a little doll to show his parents or playmates. I am always seeing this through the eyes of me on the other side of the structure, as if through a very wide-angled lens. Not a fish-eye, but enough to make the doll-like person appear bigger when thrust in front of the structure.

The purpose seems to be for me behind the structure to suggest to me on the other side of the structure what characters ought o be in the coming dream, or what character should have been in the previous dream instead of whomever was in the dream. Sometimes I will actually re-dream with the new character substituted, but usually I will either wake up, or start an entirely unrelated new dream.