March 17th, 2011


Yesterday, all my troubles seem...

...right where they were the day before, pretty much.

Did my usual fruitless search for a job from my various online alerts. 

Coped with some intestinal difficulties, possibly due to the previous night's and this morning's bacon ingestion. Too much fat, not enough fiber. Immodium is my friend.

Had a haircut at the place where I get my nails done - I'd been going to Great Clips, but this place has been so friendly (and less expensive) and there is little or no wait. They did an excellent job. Will be back to get my nails done Friday.

Went to Lyric Theater's rehearsal hall ("the warehouse") to be on run crew for Carousel.  It was their first scheduled run-through. I had 7:30 on my calendar, but call was 7:00 so I missed the first set change. Will get there earlier tonight.

They have a pretty big cast for this show, lots of kids, all the major ethnicities are represented. I especially enjoyed the choreography, and the chorus numbers. The two female leads are wonderful, and the male lead looks the part and has a strong voice, but IMHO way too much vibrato when he sings. The cast is ready for prime time, and I cried at the one place I always do. But that's as much a piece of baggage from my checkered past as the fine acting last night. 

We definitely will need more crew when the show gets into the theater next week. In the rehearsal hall we can't do a lot of the set dressing and things like the fog machine. Q2Q is going to be a long night.

Home, listened to more Blood Music audio book from the iPhone's iPod app. iTunes did a crappy job of ripping the CDs, some of the tracks are cut off before the end. Very annoying.

Plans for today:

The Nuclear Family

Something most folks don't seem to understand, especially the bozoids who call themselves TV journalists, is when a nuclear plant melts down, it doesn't become an atomic bomb. There were no mushroom clouds over Chernobyl or 2.5-Mile 3 Mile Island. No firestorm. No shock wave. Just irradiated gases released into the atmosphere, and only then if containment is breached.

Yes, it is dangerous. People exposed will get radiation sickness, and probably will get cancer later in life. Some may die. But they won't be vaporized, even get radiation burns.

There is no comparison between Hiroshima and Fukushima. I was appalled to hear George Takei make this comparison on TV yesterday. Stick to dilithium crystals and warp core breaches, Sulu.
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