May 10th, 2011

Weird Dream

Weird Dream Channel

There is a character who is in my dreams from time to time who is a composite of several writer friends and fans. He is middle-aged, average height, rotund, graying, wears glasses, and wears a cheap gray houndstooth jacket, sometimes with brown leather elbow patches. In those dreams we usually argue about copyrights.
I am visiting his office. He is sitting in his wooden wheeled office chair, but he has brought it out from behind the desk. I am in a plain wooden chair facing him a couple of feet away. I have my hand on a gray upholstered office chair on wheels which has a kind of handle on the back made with large buttons like one would find on an overcoat. I am unconsciously running my fingers across the row of buttons.

"You can't do that!" my friend says "It's a copyright violation". He is talking about my moving the chair my hand is on. He is insisting that everything in his office is covered by copyright, and my moving his chair, or even touching the buttons on the back, is a copyright violation. He wants me to pay him for the privilege. He is apoplectic, his face is red, he is breathing heavily, and he is pounding his fist on his desk for emphasis. The latter is not very effective with his desk behind him.

I stand up and say "You are entitled to be paid for every word you write."
"At least we agree on that," he answers, stands up and shakes my hand. We both sit. He is now calm, but still a little huffy.
"But what I do to your office is a matter of contract law, not copyright, and we do not have a contract concerning your office furniture," I continue. He stands up, wheels his chair back behind his desk, sits down, puts his feet up on the desk, crosses his arms, harrumphes, and says "I suppose you are right."

Voice II

So much for the great start. The second episode of The Voice was packed with the kind of bullshit filler which was blessedly missing from the first one.  They ran out of talent too - what is this second go-round for someone who was not chosen the first time? As if they did not have a thousand other decent voices out there.

I'm not sure if I am looking forward to today's "battle" episode.

If It's Tuesday, Do I Need a Welder?

Is anyone else here old enough to get that joke? Did not think so.

After my weird dream it was a low key day.  Did some low key shopping, kind of a loop in the morning, starting at CVS which had given me a $5.50 monthly rewards coupon which I used on $6 worth of paper plates, which were at the top of my shopping list. CVS does not carry anything else on the list for a reasonable price.  On to the Rose Market, which was a regular stop back when I was addicted to halvah. They also carry all the spices for growing my own pickling mix. Or so I thought. Coriander seeds, fennel seeds, mustard seeds, bay leaf, cumin seeds, but no dill seeds. Then to Safeway for frozen stuff and seltzer. They had dill seeds, I bought two jars but they are kind of pricey.  Home, I ordered a huge packet online for about what I'd paid at Safeway for one small jar.

Had another of the Friday batch of pickles, but I'll wait a while to eat more. They need at least a week, and the longer they soak the better. Looked up a salt-free recipe in a pickles book I have, but it's a no-cook formula. I think I can do low-sodium with the spices I have. But that won't be for a while yet. I have 6 jars of 4 pickles to munch through yet.

Spent much of the afternoon processing the photos from the trip. Not a total loss, but only about 160 posted to Flickr out of 500+.  A bunch of my favorites Collapse )

Hgl reading of about 80, meant I needed some sugar, so I went to Starbucks and had a frappucino. From there to Piazza's for some frozen matzo balls and to see if they had any good new cheeses. Nope. But they had wings, and I figured the Sharks needed all the help they could get tonight, so I bought a package. Also got some of their house mild Italian turkey sausage, which was a couple of dollars a pound less than any of the commercial ones. And there will be white fish for breakfast tomorrow, if I have breakfast tomorrow. Which is iffy.

When I got home, the toothpaste from amazon was there, but not the microwave. It was due today. Did some stuff in the kitchen, and when I was done the microwave magically had appeared on the patio rack. The UPS guy didn't bother to ring the bell.

Unpacked it, set it up, and as I feared it was too small.  Packed back up, went online for an RMA, ordered the right one.

Made dinner in the old microwave, took my wings & veggies out to the livingroom and turned on the hockey game. Sharks were up 1-0 in the 3rd period. I guess Detroit saw what I was doing, and scored three unanswered points to tie the series. Sharks Choke on Wings - Film at 11. :-(

I'm not a sports fan, but I like to see the local teams win big. I have no idea why. It may explain why I still wear my Seattle SuperSonics windbreaker. Or not.

Got calls from two recruiters about the same contract opportunity at Tivo. Told the one from India I was not interested. Told the local woman from the locally owned company to submit my resume. It's not prejudice when it is learned from experience.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bring the car in for its recall and 35,000 mile check-up
Chat with a recruiter about a contract at Tivo
Coffee with Janice