June 9th, 2011


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  • Wed, 16:31: Took a nap. Pumpkin made my arm his pillow.
  • Wed, 16:33: @snocrash09 - thanks for lending us the Nationals this week. :-)
  • Wed, 18:46: Considering politics today, I vote for changing the name of the musical form "The Blues" to "The Reds".
  • Thu, 10:04: My new Thunderbolt Android phone's weather widget is animated. Today it throws clouds across the screen. For rain it has windshield wipers.

This Day Intentionally Left Blank

Woke up at 7:30 with Pumpkin hogging the spot in the bed where I usually place my feet. He "mrrrred" at me when I got up. Instead of going right to the computer, I took care of my meds, fed the fish, and all that first. Then the computer, where I did the usual hunt for jobs (the new DICE.com searches are much better, fewer Jobs I Cannot Do are showing up, and more jobs with titles which don't match the job, but do match what I do. There were two worth applying for.

Got a call yesterday from the recruiter who was working on landing me a contract at Tivo, she said she has not heard anything from them, but that's good news because they are on an automated system which immediately tells her when they reject a candidate. She obviously does not know Silicon Valley hiring practices. A rule of thumb which is 99% accurate: If they don't call back within a week of the last interview, they are not hiring you.

Harmonic did not call today, which is a bummer, but their recruiter told me next week at the earliest, and since she is actually at Harmonic, and it has not been a week yet, I'm still hopeful.

Checked Facebook and LJ and Twitter. I have been posting on Twitter mostly to test the LJ repost service. And to annoy my nephew. But I can annoy him on facebook just as easily. :-) Just to be clear, I love him and admire him and only annoy him because it says so right there on the Uncle Howard label, right after "Uncle Howard does not do birthdays. You will get presents. They will be a pleasant surprise."

I had no reason to get dressed and out, and the cloudy chilly weather did not inspire me to do so. I caught up on a lot of YouTube videos, took all my penis photos off of the 3,247 adult web sites which I subscribe to (mostly because I no longer plan to run for office), went into a Yahoo Chat session with a lovely 24-year-old white woman from Ghana, who said her mother was a nurse there, but when Mom died of cancer, she was left alone and if only I could send her $7,000 for a plane ticket and a change of clothes, she will come live with me and love me forever. I was sorely tempted to do so, until she said she was born in California, graduated from UC Santa Cruz in Culinary Arts, where she enjoyed skiing to school in the winter. What a lie. UCSC does not even have a Culinary Arts program!

At about noon I finally got dressed, took one more try at getting my iTunes music onto my android phone, but failed because the android won't take MP3s at a higher bit rate than 128. I will have to re-rip my music, painfully because 128 sucks compared to 320. I tried to expport my WAV files, but they don't have any metadata, which makes them useless on either the iPhone or android. Which reminds me, even though I have no phone service on the iPhone anymore, I can still do everything else using the wireless network. And the iPod app still works. It will probably become my car audio music player - the new system has bluetooth audio, but it has to be controlled by punching buttons on the phone. An iPod can be controlled from the system's screen.

Dressed, had lunch, hopped into the car and drove to Redwood City for no reason other than I had not been there in ages, and the last time I passed on the train it looked a lot different from when I was rehearsing Kiss Me Kate at the Fox theater.

One huge difference is the street alongside the theater is now one way, one lane, with cafes and restaurants with large patio dining areas. The county courthouse, which is a major landmark, is now the county history museum. They have built two courthouse-like pavillions out front which have snack bars and a kitsch shop. At 8 tonight they will be showing Empire Records out front. There's also a temporary but solid bandstand.

The Fox has been spiffied up, there is a new Century cinemaplex across the one-lane street, and they have artsy fartsy signs which say Theater District. As if there was one. The Fox is hosting a prep school graduation, but there is nothing to say when. And no posters for coming attractions. I suppose I could have asked inside next door, where they have hidden the box office. It was hidden there last time I was here, so that's not a change.

I am sitting in the lovely Cafe La Tartine, which is way over-priced, but worth the occasional visit. Lots of tempting pastries, some yummy variations on the typical coffee drinks, and beautiful marble table tops with kind of tortoise shell coloring. My mouse does not work on the polished surface, I have to put it on my computer case.

Another change is all the parking is now with computerized pay stations. All the spots (in the lots and on the curbside) are numbered, enter the number and push/pull your credit card and poke #1 as many times as you plan to stay in half-hour increments. 50 cents a half hour. Free after 6. No time limits. I will probably head home at about 7, when the commute lanes open up.

When I arrived at RC, it was 83 degrees and sunny. It is still sunny, but the temp has dropped to 67 and the wind has picked up.

Tonight I will probably make pickles.

Plans for tomorrow:
Rip some music to MP3/128 and load it onto the phones
PAMF for routine blood test in prep for Monday nephrologist appt
Look into local fishing sites.
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