June 25th, 2011


My tweets

  • Fri, 14:50: Almost time to make my drug connection
  • Fri, 14:53: Recruiter's account manager called, allegedly to further vet my technical skilz - he did not know that TCP/IP and Ethernet are related. WTF?
  • Fri, 16:58: Custom Audio on #Yelp: Six stars x 2. After disasters with installations at Fry's and Best Buy, when I was in the ma... http://bit.ly/kE477T
  • Fri, 17:05: Enjoying Juice pouring into my ear. "I'm Dancing As Fast As I Can", Juice Newton, on my Android phone, Bluetoothed to my head.

No Ho, No Hum

Another Saturday night & I ain't got nobody
I got Viagra and I just got paid

Kinda wanted to go to the Thai extravaganza in Fremont tonight, but ironically the person I would normally go with needs a ride back from SJC just early enough to make it too tight a squeeze.

Had a so-so time at LUNAR.org's model rocket launch out on the NASA Ames runway. This was the first this year which was not canceled. I got there way late, which didn't help. Also not helping is they have banned people from the side of the runway which is the best one for photographing the bigger rockets. And they have changed the setup a bit too. Net month I'll try to get there early, and speak to the site safety person about permission to shoot from a better angle.

Home, lunch was mac 'n' cheese 'n' salami bits.

Took care of the litterboxes, including a minor repair on one which required taking it apart. Hauled that and the month's collection of cardboard boxes (flattened) out to the dumpster. Stellar citizen that I am, the cardboard went into the cardboard recycle dumpster.

Re-listed the telescope on eBay, for local purchase only (UPS wants $100 to box & ship it), and also listed the extra iPod Classic which I had bought a few days ago. Short story long, Collapse )So I'll keep the one which cost me less, and sell the other.

Don't need to pick my friend up at the airport till 9:30 pm. I won't even know if she'll be on time till about 8:30. There's a new sushi place across from Clocktower, and it is open.  But I have so much food in the fridge. Oh, how is this for irony: I stocked up on cold cuts, mustard, sauerkraut & bread, but I don't have any edible pickles in the house because the last batch turned out tasting like sweet relish pickles (which I hate) instead of my beloved kosher dills. And I'm wondering what to do with about 2 dozen pickles I don't like but maybe some of my friends would. Maybe I could dump out the vinegar-based liquid and replace it with brine. That may turn them. Nah, better to not risk it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Band concert at 1:30
Sunnyvale Players auditions (Oliver and 1940's Radio Hour) at 7. Not at the theater, but at a park clubhouse behind an apartment complex I used to live in.