June 27th, 2011

Weird Dream

Weird Dream Channel

I'm directing a play. Rehearsals are going along normally. Opening night is the 26th. I know today is the 26th, but have somehow not put these two facts together. After rehearsals are over, I turn out the lights, just a pair of ordinary light switches in the rehearsal space, which is in the basement of the theater. The way out is past the audience area upstairs. I see it is a pretty good house, maybe 80% full, but there is some confusion in the audience, there is nothing happening onstage. I don't look at the stage, but I see the audience is lit by the reflection of the stage lights. Most of them are wearing sunglasses. There is a large section toward the back of Asians. Some of them get up and leave, and soon the audience is gone. I look at the stage, it is empty.

The next afternoon, I am in the green room, writing on the white board. It takes several tries because (a) I don't know how to put it and (b) my board writing skills are lame. I am apologizing to the cast for ruining their opening night by turning off the lights. I promise never to do it again. As I am finishing, one of the cast members arrives, IRL she was my favorite from a 4-person cast I directed a few years ago. She reads the board and says this is stupid - the lights were not turned off on stage, just the audience lights were of, which is normal. She is about to tell me the reason the Asians panicked and left when I wake up.

A friend who knows a lot about audio is on the phone, chiding me for ripping my CDs to MP3's lowest playable bit rate. He mocks my audio card, and says I need a very expensive high-powered card and should be ripping WAV files. I tell him this is for an iPod in the cars and he says "well, nevermind then."