July 6th, 2011


Gone Fishing

Spent the morning at the computer doing photo editing of Westercon & 4th of July fireworks pix. All of the con was done but decided to leave uploading the July 3 batch till tonight.

Grabbed my fishing rod & tackle box, but forgot my extra weights and swivels. GPS did not have Pacifica Pier as a POI, so I selected a gas station on the coast highway and then turned off the route when it looked like it was taking me short of Pacifica. I should have followed it, the route I took was a lot longer than it had to be (Hwy 1 exit from 280). But by some miracle I found the beach, parked on a side street, and discovered I was only a block from the pier.

There is a charmingly sleazy, run-down café

 built into the same little structure in which the pier's public restrooms are located, and I stopped in for a bowl of clam chowder. They claim it is the best in town. It may be, but doesn't hold a candle to Ivar's. There was only one employee on duty, which apparently is the norm, so it's a while before getting your order in and another while before getting your food, but it was a fun place to watch the locals mock the tourists, and each other.

After scoping out the pier, I went back to the car, got my rod & tackle, shoved a windbreaker & Kindle into my knapsack, grabbed my camp chair and headed back. I set up about 2/3 of the way to the end of the pier, and quickly discovered I really needed those weights. In fact, I really need to buy some huge weights to fish in that surf. I figured some work-arounds with the line weights in the tackle box, but got no bites. In the 2 hours I was there, I only saw one (too small) fish pulled in. The fog rolled in with alacrity, so I folded up my chair and packed everything back to the car.

Called Janice to let her know I could make our 5 o'clock coffee klatch, then stopped at the PO to mail an eBay sale, B of A for some cash, and then over the hill and home.

After coffee (actually a Java chip frapuccino) I tackled my to-buy list. Walgreen's for conditioner and a sharps container. They didn't have sharps containers. CVS for Breathsavers and a sharps container. They no longer sell home sharps containers, only travel ones which don't work for insulin pen tips. Was en route to Ranch 99 for bamboo steamers, but got trapped in the wrong lane, so continued on to Felipe's Produce for pickling cucumbers. They sell the big ones, not the gherkins,  so I only got 45 instead of 50. About $7 total. Good thing I went there first, they closed as I was checking out. Ranch 99, got what I thought were 10" bamboo steamers, and then bought some bamboo to steam. </joke>. Bought some frozen won tons, and ha gow/sui mai for steaming. Those were on sale for about 30% off.

Home, discovered the steamer was 12", and did not quite fit in the assigned cabinet. Can't latch the door. But 12" is a good size for the wok, so I may not give them to Goodwill and buy a set of 10"-ers.

While I was fishing, my recruiting agency sent me all kinds of email, including the online time card system login, and a note from my handler saying she will visit me Friday. The handler takes over from the recruiter when the job has been landed. So I am set for a 9 am start Thursday, orientation at 9:15, and then meet my manager and start to save the world, as we know it.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pack two in-dash nav/audio systems sold on eBay, and ship them.
Find my recruiter and give her a bunch of paperwork, and maybe be treated to a meal.
Call the contract agency's benefits provider and ask if I read the fine print correctly that they will not cover my insulin. WTF?
Maybe make pickles, now that I have all of the ingredients.

Nancy Grace

I've been watching bits of HLN (what used to be CNN Headline News, but is now all effed up) coverage of the Casey Anthony murder trial, which is hosted by Nancy Grace. I had an instant dislike for Grace the first time I saw her on TV. Her face reminds me of a bird of prey. Her attitude is one of anger. The more I watched her, the less I liked her.

One of the tricks of the media is to demonize a person by calling that person by a nickname instead of a given name. As the trial wore on, Grace called Casey by name less and less, and by the idiotic nickname "Tot Mom" more and more. In the final days that is all Grace called her.

Tot Mom? By definition, every mom is a tot mom. I'm surer Grace was trying to find a way of saying "tot murdering mom" without the risk of a libel suit.

I was appalled at how strongly Grace was pushing for a murder conviction, and how unconvincing she was when she claimed to be looking for justice for the child who was killed.

One wonders how CNN justifies hiring some of their hosts. Grace as a prosecutor was twice reprimanded by courts (when overturning her convictions) for playing fast and loose with the rules. And why isn't Eliot Spitzer in jail?

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Weird Dream

Weird Dream Channel

I am at an anthropology lecture and the speaker says we can tell by his name that Louis Leakey was incontinent, and of course we know that the continent was Africa. It was a Jane Goodall lecture series talk, Jane was not there, and I wondered how she would react to that chimp shot when she heard it.

Great Hive Mind: What To Do With Ancient Sewing Machine?

When they moved out of the house, Mom gave me her ancient luggable (30 lbs or so) Free-Westinghouse Model NP45314 Style 1172265-A sewing machine. I think it works, but have no way to test it (I am sure many of my costuming friends do). Photos are here, and here is a teaser:

Cross-posting to BASFA, on account of the large number of sew-