July 11th, 2011


Splitting California

Once again, a misguided soul in a position of power has proposed splitting California by designating most of SOCal as Southern California. It excludes LA, because LA is too liberal.

I agree California should be divided into two states, but it would make a lot more sense to split off Eastern California, with a jerrymander to include Orange County, because liberals tend to live on the coast, and conservatives inland.

Gov. Brown's office issued a statement that the proposal to split CA was ridiculous. Gov. Brown has his eyes closed. How can he live in conservative Sacramento beating his head against the party lines budget stalemate and not see what the problem is.

I grew up in the suburbs of NYC, and was amazed that the part of  NY which was not NYC was very conservative, but they were so badly outvoted by the part that was NYC there was never a hope to split the state. When I moved to WA, we learned all about why the Oregon Territories were split into two separate states, and it made some sense.

Two Words

I'm a Lea Salonga fan from when she was the voice of Princess Jasmine in Aladdin and I had to research for days to find out her name - it was on the CD, but not credited as Jasmine. Her latest CD is an autobiographical show she performed at the Carlyle in NYC, and in it she sings a lovely song Two Words, which she said was written for her wedding. She also said her wedding is on YouTube, so I looked it up. What she did not say was that it was written for her to sing to her groom at the wedding.  

I think it is stunningly moving.

She also sings my favorite song from Miss Saigon, which was cut from the show, Too Much For One Heart. She recorded it on other albums, but this latest is sung with far more feeling than previous versions, probably because she now has a child, and it means more to her. It is not on YouTube yet, at least not a video version.

I highly recommend the CD - The Journey So Far. It can be purchased as a hard copy or MP3s here. I love how she starts the show with a number in Tagalog, introduces herself in the same language...and...I won't spoil it for you.

For those of you who are not familiar with Lea, Collapse ) </em>
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