August 7th, 2011


Lunch Took All Day

Started the day with a look at my account on the Blue Cross web site and confirmed I am still covered. Called CVS and the pharmacist was able to save me about $1k by submitting the prescriptions to them instead of the the fly-by-night insurance company my current contractor offers. He said I could pick up the meds this afternoon.

But life happened.

I had a lunch date in Unon city at the home of Pannee, the woman who teaches the Thai meetup's cooking classes. She and her husband are delightful people, and she wanted me to meet a nice Thai woman who is single. "Noi" turned out to be a very sweet woman, cute, and a little shy. Only a little. She had me read her palm first thing. I had learned to read Thai by studying a palmistry book, but it has been 30 years since I did a reading in Thai, so our hostess had to help translate a little. Noi's hand is very straightforward - good heart, good mind, she will live to be at least 70, and like me, her travel line does not intersect her heart line, which is bad news for our relationship. :-) No, I do not believe in palm reading, but it is entertaining and allows me to innocently hold hands with lovely women, which is why it is on my calling card.

Noi is an LPN, she does in-home elderly care and right now is looking for clients, so if you know anyone within a reasonable commute from Fremont/Union City who is looking for routine in-home nursing care, let me know and I'll pass it along to her. She is also a licensed cosmetologist, and can do haircuts and manicures in addition to the usual LPN duties.

Lunch was excellent - Pannee's own recipe for spicy chicken wings, Som tom (papaya rind salad), and a noodle salad, which she said was a Chinese dish her father taught her. Noi brought watermelon, which was our first dessert. Pannee's husband Warren was there too, he is a great story teller, and so if Pannee. They got me to sing a couple of bits of Thai songs I sort of know, and Pannee sang us a couple of songs about her home town Chiang Mai. Noi is from Khonken, up in the NE, which has its own language and songs too. The next dessert was mango with sticky rice. And later on Noi brought out more watermelon, and even later Pannee handed out pineapple ice pops.

We just kept talking out there by the pool, having a great time, and it was 5:30 before we broke it up. Pannee suggested I stop by a Chinese restaurant down the hill on the way home, but there's also a Marina Market there (jam packed with Asian food) so I went shopping first. The restaurant was full with a line out the door, so I took a rain check on that, and drove home. By then it was too late to go to the pharmacy, but that can wait till tomorrow.

The additional printer came in handy again, printing envelopes. The bottom feed on the main printer doesn't handle those very well.

Caught up on Facebook, enjoyed the many Reaver songs people were making up on lemmozine's page. I came up with a good one too. The main idea was to take a song about Rovers and re-purpose it to be about reavers - a la Serenity/Firefly. Almost as good as brunch at Conflikt.

Caught up on email, too. Sent in my bye-bye note to the contract agency. They get as little notice as my conscience would allow because of their massive lack of communications skilz.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the IRS to find out if the CPA has contacted them yet about the parental 2009 taxes. And if he hasn't, to start the wheels rolling myself.
CVS and get meds
BASFA to drop off with johnnyeponymous a PS2 for WorldCon and also see yourbob if he makes it. And the Usual Suspects.