August 13th, 2011


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Rare mid-day posting. I am feeling very nervous/anxious and don't know why. I feel like there is something I am supposed to be doing right now which I have completely forgotten about. It's something not routine.

I did all the Chore That I Dread this morning. Also had my nails done. Lunch was semi-experimental (note to self: a little bit of garlic herb cheese spread goes a long way in a bowl of pirogies).

Mailmerged and printed all the labels needed for the WorldCon art show photos, stuck the ones onto the backs of the pictures which go there, the post-its for the pegboard are in the outer pouch of the portfolio along with two prints of the exhibit layout. Photos are correctly stacked in two heavy paper folders inside the portfolio and should be good to travel.

A theater friend is giving a technical lecture for the SJ Astronomical Society tonight which I think I will go to.

I set up the new TiVo, and was amazed and pleased that the cable card from the Tivo it replaced works correctly in it, with no Comcast bozoid needed on site. It is recording a rerun of yesterday's Niners game as I write this. It downloaded some program info while I was at the nails place, and it took maybe an hour to re-load all my wish lists. And I discovered a whole bunch of HD channels I did not know I had. Comcast ran out of 7xx numbers, so they hid some of the required PBS HD stations in the lower numbers.

 PG&E has set up a production in the apartment complex's back yard which is scaring me to death. The plan had been to dig up the pipes leading to a substation behind the back parking lot, fill it back in and leave. They finished that a month ago. Now the place looks like an atomic bomb test site construction zone. HUGE heavy storage tanks are being hauled in, an asphalt tanker like one which might be on a train. Huge air compressors. They have one road leading to the apartment blocked off with one lane open and a flagperson at each end. I need to look into moving. With the new job I can probably afford to.

I think I am going to take myself to Clocktower and read. Maybe post more later.